Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling assists you to conserve application accessibility and authorize you to automatically remove or add EC2 instances in accordance with the context you determine.
Fleet management sustains the availability and health of the fleet in EC2 auto scaling feature.to add or remove instances predictive and dynamic scaling features are also available in EC2 autoscaling. In predictive auto-scaling, the instances automatically organize the correct number of EC2 instances as per schedule. While dynamic scaling responds when there is a change in demand. The two of them can be used together for faster scaling.


Improvement in fault tolerance:
When there is an unhealthy instance, Aws EC2 Autoscaling detects it terminate and replaces it with a new EC2 instance.

Increase in Application availability:

Auto Scaling feature in AWS EC2 provides the perfect amount of computes with respect to your requirements.

Lower Costs:
EC2 autos-caling feature only adds instances when it is required, and scales down when the need for instances gets fulfilled, which ultimately optimize the cost with high performance

Working on EC2 Autoscaling:
Fleet Management
With WC2 autoscaling, you can identify unhealthy instances and applications even if they are in thousands, and it can replace them with healthy instances automatically. This feature make certain to meet the expected compute capacity. It executes listed main functions to automise EC2 instances fleet management.

Monitor healthy running instances- EC2 instances are monitored by Autoscaling to make sure that the applications and instances are working properly and receive traffic without any delay. For this purpose it checks the health of the instances within a particular period of time.

Automatically replaces impaired instances- EC2 autoscaling detects the impaired instance’s health check and replaces it with a new instance automatically.

Availability Zones’ balanced capacity-
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can balance the instances automatically across different availability zones, and launches new instances when required so that they are balanced among availability zones in an evenly manner across the entire fleet.

Types Of Auto Scaling in EC2 instances
Scaling based on a schedule grants your application to scale for any scheduled loads.
Dynamic scaling allows you to observe the demand for your application, and automatically scales up and down EC2 capacity with respect to your target.
Predictive Auto scaling usually predicts the future traffic in terms on weekly and monthly basis and autoscale with respect to prediction it includes the prediction of spikes which regularly occurs in a particular time of the week or month or day and provision the right amount of instances.

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