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We create a consummate learning platform for employees, companies and communities to have comprehensible access to Cloud technology information and resources which makes them ready for the market. We make your employees completely equipped to move into a Cloud environment without any delusional thoughts about the fast moving Cloud world. Our vision is to make a comprehensive and divergent infrastructure where we deliver Cloud knowledge and training using our unique distinct learning programe .

Training Description

Benefits of Cloud Training

When we talk about Cloud computing we are in essence talking about 

  • Flexibility, agility,  disaster recovery within a short period of time
  • optimized cost using Pay-As-you-Go model

It means your whole infrastructure exists on your fingertips with complete security and saved time. All these facilities are available when you move towards the Cloud and much more services offered by Cloud.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud training

Multi-cloud architecture qualifies organizations to administer their workloads across multiple cloud environments which alleviate risks associated with individual cloud environments. Furthermore, companies adopt the services they find competitive in terms of cost and quality among different Cloud Platforms which gives positive results in ROI as well. This also provides low latency and superior security of your hybrid infrastructure. Unlike single cloud, your client will get

  • Hybrid infrastructure Deployment using Multiregion (e.g AWS & GCP infrastructure)
  • Hub & spoke deployments among multi cloud provider & On-Prem infrastructure
  • 99.99999% Uptime SLA using Multi Region existence.

If we talk about business, after completion of Multi cloud training,

  • Your team will be able to handle Multi cloud infrastructure
  • You can offer Multi cloud managed services instead of single cloud
  • Increase your revenue by involving multiple projects
  • Instead of hiring new technical staff , your existing team will handle your load by transforming themselves in Multi cloud expertise

Training Details:

  • In AWS Cloud we provide hands on training based on these certifications
    •  Solution Architect Associate
    • AWS Developer Associate
    • AWS SysOps associate
    • AWS Advanced networking speciality
  • In GCP and Alibaba Cloud we provide training on Professional Cloud Architecture & cover
    • Google cloud Associate engineer
    • Google Cloud Professional architect
    • Alibaba Cloud computing Associate
    • Alibaba Cloud Computing Professional
  • Furthermore, we also deliver trainings on Devops & Cloud Coding to our clients


Training Methods

  • Onsite (Instructor LED)
  • Online (Virtual Live training)
  • Self Paced Training (Using our training Material)

Note: Self Paced Portal are free for everyone if you choose Onsite & online training options

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